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Thursday, April 24, 2014

SILK ROAD - Embroideries of Robert Glenn Ketchum

Silk Road - Embroideries of Robert Glenn Ketchum

The city of Suzhou, China, produced China's most beautiful silk and silk embroidery for 3,000 years. Silk embroidery in Suzhou had been practiced by generational families for 1000's of years.  My purpose in going to China starting in the mid-1980's was to turn my photographs into textiles, and this is my story.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Silk Road - Embroideries #66
SILK ROAD #66: The #dye-painting of the #matrix to eliminate excessive #stitching and allow greater #luminosity was immediately appreciated by all who watched this piece evolve. Initially there was a lot of attention paid to #effect of the mist, and in working the cool colors of the "blue" water against the warm tones of the first green leaves in the #background. However, as the piece progressed, a design decision was made to "enhance" the water further by using #directional thread stitching to #refract #light in different ways from different angles. Thus, stitches in various, and sometimes overlaying layers, face different directions. Because of the way the silk thread responds to light, only certain threads light up at specific angles, SO as you move around the piece, the reflections on the surface of the water actually seem to shift and change.
Photograph © 2014 @RbtGlennKetchum @LittleBearProd #LittleBearProd #Embroidery @WesCFA @RSSDesigns

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ART 90266 featuring Al Satterwhite

Join me this month for ART90266, a local group that supports art activities and experiences for our local South Bay schools.

Watch a brief video about ART90266:

San Ignacio Lagoon: SAVED for the Whales! by Robert Glenn Ketchum

San Ignacio Lagoon: SAVED FOR the Whales!
by Robert Glenn Ketchum

Tuesdays World-Renowned Conservation Photographer, Robert Glenn Ketchum, dedicates to the Natural Resources Defence Council (@NRDC) successful #campaign that kept a #whale #birthing #lagoon from #industrial #development.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

San Ignacio Lagoon: SAVED For the Whales! #69:
SAN IGNACIO WHALES #69: Dawn the next day found me in that same sling-chair, now pondering the dream-like colored sky reflections on the wet sand during an extremely low tide. It occurred to me that I should have some breakfast and talk a walk on this amazing exposed tidal plain. The #whales can usually be visited twice a day, and since much of the day before I was out on the open water with them (and 1/2 the media in South America), I now looked forward to some quiet time to #photograph other things and further ponder the totality of the lagoon.
Photograph © 2014 Robert Glenn Ketchum @RbtGlennKetchum @LittleBearProd #LittleBearProd #SanIgnacioLagoon @NRDC @AudubonMagazine @RobertKennedyJr @PierceBrosnan @JMCousteau @HomeroAridjis @ProNaturaMexico @PentaxOnline @FujiFilmUS

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The HUDSON RIVER and the Highlands by Robert Glenn Ketchum

by Robert Glenn Ketchum

This is the story of my first major commission and book, THE HUDSON RIVER AND THE HIGHLANDS (Aperture, 1985). In 1984, #StephenShore, #WilliamClift and I received a 2-year commission from the Lila Acheson Wallace Fund to photograph the #HudsonRiverValley. This blog tells the tale of the book, with many photos not seen before. Enjoy!

Monday, April 21, 2014

HUDSON RIVER #81: The ring of gate keys was an amazing thing to have. After van camping at a remote group of small #lakes all night in a storm, I was out taking pictures early in the morning, and I was quite a surprise to a state trooper on a drive patrol. As this was a restricted area of the watershed, of course he stopped to question me, and when learned I was there WITH my van overnight, he definitely wanted to see it, ...AND I wanted to get my letter of permission. As we approached the van, I was told to stand back and he walked up to the shotgun-side window and looked in. My huge bundle of keys was on the seat, to which he gasped, then turned to me smilingly and said, "Who the f^&k are you?" That was followed by the comment that the only other key ring he had ever seen like that belonged to Nash Castro. LUV'D IT! Before he left, he offered me some advice about where to get good pictures. TY Mr. State Trooper!
Photograph © 2014 Robert Glenn Ketchum @RbtGlennKetchum @LittleBearProd #LittleBearProd @Wallacefdn @Aperturefnd @PentaxOnline
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ART 90266 featuring Robert Glenn Ketchum

This month THREE different auctions will offer unique digital prints on metal that are part of my new work.

"Looking For Love"   2014
21" x 24"
manipulated color photograph printed on aluminum
unique piece, SRP: $750

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Pebble Mine! London Financial Times

This "ad" ran Tuesday, April 15, 2014 in the London Financial Times. The background picture is mine and one of many NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) has used in this campaign. This has been a remarkable campaign with many "partners", NRDC BioGems Defenders, The Orvis Company, Tiffany & Co. - thank you all, glad my images were of value. Keep Alaskan salmon doing the wild thing!

CONSERVATION: Greenhouse Project 101

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Our step-by-step foray into constructing an #upcycled #Greenhouse out of #recycled windows that were destined for the dump...

Note:  This blog post is an ongoing chronicle of the construction of our #Greenhouse project, so it starts with the most recent entries at the top... To read this story from the beginning, scroll down to the first entry.

~ Entry 14 ~

One of the main reasons for creating this upcycled greenhouse is because we get blasted with strong, cold winds late every afternoon. All the years of trying to grow any sort of vegetables, or herbs, was fruitless (pun intended) due to the wind. The greenhouse definitely blocks wind, however because the windows are recycled from a house, they've been treated to guard against sunlight. So we've installed a couple of grow lights. Our temps get cold at night, however it typically warms up for a few hours in the afternoon, so the heartier plants go outside for direct sunlight, weather permitting. The smaller herbs are faring quite well under just the growlights, so they're definitely working!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Order From Chaos by Robert Glenn Ketchum

While studying photography with two very untraditional photographers, Edmund Teske and Robert Heinecken at UCLA (1966-1970), I was also shooting rock-and-roll bands on the Sunset Strip and spending long hours in the traditional "wet" darkroom experimenting with many forms of non-traditional printmaking. At the time, I was working mostly in black-and-white. When I added color it was usually by painting or dyeing it in.