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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Saturday 5-9p SoLA Gallery, Manhattan Beach, California

For those of you that might live in the area, 2 of my new scarves will be offered in an auction to support SOLA, this Saturday night at the Manhattan Beach Art Center. Come by, enjoy the party, and bid MY pieces up - they are both quite beautiful AND WEARABLE!

The Event takes place this Saturday 5 - 9 pm at the Manhattan Beach Art Center. 1560 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

For those of you that live in the area, the Manhattan Beach Art Center has included me in a show of “local” artists AND my work is part of a fundraising auction to support the SoLA Gallery. Come see the display, bid on MY 2 scarves, and enjoy the day at the beach.

This is a link to the ongoing live auction:

"Art has the role in education of helping children become themselves 

instead of more like everyone else" - Sydney Gurewitz Clemens 

About the Cross Town Traffic Artists

SBC/MBAC invited artists who have been supporters and exhibitors of both organizations over the years.  These include many well established and emerging artists from both the South Bay and Los Angeles regions. Nearly 100 original works of fine art will be on display for bid online and on exhibition the night of the event.  These works range from Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Photography, Digital art. 

An evening where the streets of South LA and the South Bay 
meet in support of Art Education. 

(L) Max Presneill, Untitled (R) Ann Page, Conglomerate Study 2

Max Presneill:  "I am interested in what the act of painting means and how it can explore multiple avenues of enquiry simultaneously. From existential questions, to an awareness of presence and mortality, to notions of masculine codes, all can be encompassed, for me, within the structures of thought and application of material that painting represents." Max is Director/Head Curator for the Torrance Art Museum and Founder of Durden & Ray, in Los Angeles, an artist's collective and gallery. 

Ann Page: At the core of her work has always been an interest in blurring boundaries between media and technologies of 'making', and the variety that can arise from the permutation of simple elements and the difference that can be found in sameness.  Art Professor at USC Roski School of Fine Art.

Kim Abeles, Nick Agid, Amelia Amell, Hilary Baker, Lucy Blake Elahi, Brent Broza, Marka Burnes, Ellen Cantor, Ray Carofano, Arnee Carofano, Kate Carvellas, Michele Castagnetti, Chenhung Chen, Annie Clavel, Mary Ann Collins, Michael Davis, June Diamond, Laddie John Dill, Anita Dixon, Lynn Doran, Lore Eckelberry, June Edmonds, Edem Elesh, Lauren Evans, Kathi Flood, Shane Foley, Bob Francis, Michael Freitas Wood, Steven Fujimoto, Candice Gawne, Mark Steven Greenfield, Richelle Gribble, Geoff Guerrero, Cie Gumucio, Lynn Haggard, Chloe Hart, Shelley Heffler, Dan Janotta, Nate Jones, Beanie Kaman, Virginia Katz, Kathleen Kiefer, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Won Sil Kim, B Kniesley, Eva Kolasvary Stupler, Margaret Lazzari, Snow Mack, Narsiso Martinez, Karena Massengill, Siobhan McClure, Kirk Miller, Jim Murray, Barbara Nathanson, Hung Viet Nguyen, Ann Page, Da Aie Park, David Peters, Ann Phong, Max Presneill, Christine Rassmusen, Toni Reinis, Joan Robey, Anna Rodriguez, Karrie Ross, Linda Jo Russell, Yoshie Sakai, Blakeney Sanford, Cinta Segovia, Peggy Sivert, Chelsea Stambler, Michael Stearns, Laurie Steelink, Ron Therrio, Marie Thibeault, Michael Todd, Scott Trimble, Ruth Trotter, Nancy Webber, Tracey Weiss, Robert Witte, Lena Wolek, Monica Wyatt, Meeson Pae Yang, HK Zamani, Ben Zask.

Gingko Giving Tree 
For Art Education


Closing Reception  

May 26, 5 - 7 pm

Art reaching far beyond  the simple portrait

South Bay Contemporary SoLA Gallery is pleased to present a show of art by students of LA Southwest College.  Exploring our community one artwork at a time, SBC SoLA is excited to share a diverse expression of Identity across the disciplines of visual art, spoken word, theatre and video. Curated by Lauren Evans.

Gallery hours:  Saturdays 1p-5p or gladly by appointment

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