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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reliable and Experienced House and Pet Sitter

Greetings!  I'm a very responsible, trustworthy, quiet, single female, 47, non-smoker, who's very clean and neat, and respectful of others and their property.  I have a mellow 10-year old female pug who travels with me everywhere, and is extremely well behaved. Her presence tends to be a pleasant distraction for other pets whilst their owners are traveling. She's very gentle, and good with other dogs. One of her favorite dog buddies requires daily insulin injections and various medications, so we are even familiar with caring for a dog with special needs.
As I own my own internet-based company, I work from home, so your household will have us around most of the time. I'm enjoying expanding my horizons and traveling more. House sitting allows me to experience new areas, and yet maintain my business, since all I require is a reliable Internet connection.

Over the past 6-years I've house sat a $3M home in Los Angeles for months at a time, and lovingly cared for the family's Labrador retriever.  Having managed various properties, I am very adept at overseeing a household, and gracefully managing any troubles that invariably arise. I'm self-reliant, handy around gardens, good with minor house repairs, and am capable and experienced managing a home!

Previously I did a 2-week house-sit in Orange County with a dog and cat, and a 7-week house-sit in the Dutch Caribbean with five dogs! Prior to that I took care of two Dachshund puppies and a cat for two-months in San Jose, California for a family on holiday in London, England. Their home was undergoing some renovations, which I assisted to coordinate for the family while they were away.

I've lived in San Francisco for the past 15+years. I've house sat for a client in their $3M Los Angeles estate frequently over the past 6-years, and I have excellent references.

Rochelle Bernet
+1.415.810.2809 iPhone

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The purpose of this letter is to introduce and recommend Rochelle R. Bernet.

I have been a homeowner of many years and several homes. I also have a dog, and I travel quite a bit. My homes have been high-end ($3-7Mil), 5,000 sq. ft. +, and with yards/gardens. I prefer not to kennel my dog when I travel, and I never like to leave my house unattended, especially for long periods of time. I have always worked with pet-friendly house sitters, but the issues of trust and dependability with such a person is critical. I think they are difficult to find and be comfortable with, and it is the reason I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Rochelle R. Bernet.

I initially met Rochelle Bernet for other business reasons. She has a licensed service dog and it became friends with my dog. Planning one of my longer travels, I asked Rochelle if she would like to house sit as I live at the beach in southern California and it would be a winter break for her. She accepted and has since done this for me numerous times over the last five years.

My dog loves the company of hers. Rochelle is a very capable house manager and also extremely security concerned, so she is attentive to appropriate locking and lighting. Professionally Rochelle is an independent internet business owner, so she works from “home,” wherever that may be, and that means she is on-property a great deal of the time. This allows household response to normal services (FedEx, UPS, etc.), a constant vigilance of operating systems (yard watering, leakage in pipes, storm preparedness, etc.), and a dog walker/care person.

I have found Rochelle consistently trustworthy and dependable and also capable of managing within the operating budget established. It is my understanding that Rochelle is willing to consider larger time blocks for people that have extended travel, or to those that might want a full-time house manager at a second home. I would suggest that this is a person you should interview and seriously consider.

~Robert K 
Manhattan Beach, CA

*   *   *   *   *   *   *


Great First Experience! After speaking with Rochelle on the phone she seemed a perfect fit for my dog/cat/house for the 2 weeks we would be on vacation. Rochelle arrived the day before and brought her sweet Pug, Trixie, with her. Tilly enjoyed having doggie company - something she is not used to! Rochelle sent me texts with photos while I was gone so I could see what fun Tilly was having. She handled a plumbing emergency with ease, as well as a short power outage and other minor (topping up swimming pool, plant care) household duties. I will definitely be contacting Rochelle in the future and highly recommend her to take care of your furry family members and homes.

~Janet V
Orange County, CA

*   *   *   *   *   *   *


Rochelle did a house/pet sit for us when we attended a wedding in Morgan Hill, CA and then went on to Monterey, CA for a total of 5 nights. She was very dependable and trusworthy about giving our lab, Ella her 3x/day medication and has had experience taking care of special needs animals in other house sitting experiences. She also gave our cat, Maggie her meds with her food 2x/day. Rochelle responsibly looked after our home and watered plants on our deck and yard when needed. We appreciated her kindness to our pets and would not hesitate to have her pet/house sit again!

She also brought along her adorable Pug, Trixie who provided a bit of amusement and diversion for our lab Ella! If you are fortunate enough to have Rochelle house/pet sit for you, you will be extremely lucky! We recommend her highly!

~Margeaux P
Sonoma, California

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