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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 Robert Glenn Ketchum Shows Open in January

As I noted to all of you in my Nov-Dec emailing, I have TWO important exhibits opening this month in Los Angeles, and a 3rd that is already on view at the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach.

"Shifting Landscapes/Shifting Vision: Robert Glenn Ketchum, Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter" opens January 14 - March 2, 2014, at The G2 Gallery in Venice, CA. G2 will display prints from ORDER FROM CHAOS and WINTERS: 1970-1980 together, as they were originally exhibited when first published 30-years ago. 

These two bodies of work were intended as contrasts to one-another, challenging not only how we perceived the landscape (as influenced previously by Adams, Porter, Watkins, etc.), but how different cameras view the world in very different ways and allow us to "see" aspects of our world in ways we had not before. 

WINTERS: 1970-1980 was published as a boxed portfolio of 24-5"x 8", black and white prints, mounted on rag pages with letter-pressed titles. 12 images from the portfolio will be displayed, along with the box and pages as originally published. Two of these WINTER images have also been translated as embroideries - work that I have been doing with textiles for the last 30-years in China - and these 2 embroideries will be displayed along with the prints. These embroideries are spectacular and rarely exhibited so this is a unique chance to enjoy them.

If you would like, click here, to see the complete WINTERS: 1970-1980 portfolio, supported by several essays:

Photograph © 2014 Robert Glenn Ketchum
ORDER FROM CHAOS was an 18-print portfolio of 30"x 40" Cibachrome color prints whose complex layers and lines dealt with the camera's view of the landscape as an abstraction, rendering subject matter with no regard for location or description.

Both bodies of work were quite intentionally done with very different cameras (4x5 view camera vs. 35mm) and showing them together intentionally addresses how these very different technical devices "see" in such different ways.

Photograph © 2014 Robert Glenn Ketchum

The G2 Gallery has also been very supportive of my new digital work, so they are going to display it in a completely different venue in downtown Los Angeles. From January 15-19, 2014, G2 will display my digital images in their booth at the LA ART SHOW 2014, held in the Los Angeles Convention Center (South Hall J & K).  The ART SHOW, one of the largest such events on the West Coast, is open to the public (for a fee) and hours are Thursday thru Saturday, 11am-7pm; Sunday, 11am-5pm. The Opening Night Reception is Wednesday, January 15, 7pm-11pm. I will be there for part of each day and hope to see all of you. 

Standing in front of Choose Joy, Basil, Miami
Lastly, a reminder that early work leading up to the ORDER FROM CHAOS portfolios is NOW on display at the Orange County Museum of Art until March 2 in an exhibit of mixed media (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.) entitled, "Landscape Into Abstraction". 

"Transition, 1981"

Photograph © 2014 Robert Glenn Ketchum

I hope you will continue to follow these mailings and my blogposts. I add new subjects all of the time.


Happy New Year to you all!


As most of you now know, I have stopped my daily/weekly postings on Facebook because they are claiming copyright of any pictures posted. HOWEVER, THIS DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE STOPPED THOSE STORIES, in fact - there will soon be more. I have simply moved all the stories being told by a weekly posting to my blog.

Here I have continued the 5-continuous stories I posted daily on Facebook and will add others in in the next few weeks. These stories are actually more cohesive to read in blog fashion and the pictures look as good as ever so I hope you will choose to continue to follow me there.



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