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Monday, June 17, 2013

Al Satterwhite: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

The Editors of Playboy Magazine have just re-released Craig Vetter's 1974 interview of my friend, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, in their March 2013 issue, as part of their '50 Years of the Playboy Interview' series.

Hunter requested Playboy send me to Cozumel (an island off of Yucatan, Mexico) to photograph him for his upcoming Playboy interview. We had been friends since covering the Republican Convention in Miami Beach in 1972.

After I picked up my rental car and headed for the hotel, I knew where Hunter would be from an earlier trip when we had both been there covering a deep sea fishing tournament that went sideways (as most of Hunter's project were apt to do, although usually in a very interesting way)...

I stopped at Pepe's a bar on the waterfront in the small downtown area of Cozumel. There was Hunter and the Playboy writer, Craig Vetter, along with a small collection of locals, sitting on the balcony well into their daily drinking... in which I would soon be joining them.

Read the rest in my upcoming book: "The Cozumel Diary, running amuck in Cozumel with the King of Gonzo... and other weird tales"

You can find some of these archival images for sale at Little Bear Productions, and Morrison Hotel Gallery.

~Al Satterwhite


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