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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Lowell Thomas Award 2016

2016 Lowell Thomas Awardees "Celebrating the Legacy of Open Spaces"
Left-to-Right:  Kristine Tompkins, Rick Ridgeway, Laly Lichtenfeld, Martin von Hildebrand. 
photograph(s) © copyright, ROBERT GLENN KETCHUM, 2016, @RbtGlennKetchum @LittleBearProd #LittleBearProd
Last year I was awarded The Lowell Thomas Award as a "Visionary of Conservation" by The Explorers Club of New York. I just attended the 2017 awards “Celebrating the Legacy of Open Spaces” in Santa Barbara, California, and I was VERY excited to see two old friends as this year’s 2016 Lowell Thomas recipients. Above from right to left, Martin von Hildebrand, Laly Lichtenfeld, Rick Ridgeway, and Kristine Tompkins. I have known Rick and Kris for many years through my relationships with Patagonia, The North Face, and the remarkable work they have both done IN the environment, AND FOR the environment. Google all four of these amazing people and see what VERY significant contributions they have made to worldwide conservation.