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Friday, September 13, 2013

So Long Ray Dolby, by Al Satterwhite

So Long Ray Dolby, by Al Satterwhite
Ray Dolby, April 10, 1979, Fortune Magazine profile 
Photograph © 2013 @AlSatterwhite 
All rights reserved. No usage whatsoever without written permission - No Exceptions. 
My friend, Ray Dolby, was a very willing model for a 1979 @FortuneMagazine profile. I met him at his office and we walked down the street to a local movie theatre that hadn't yet opened for business. The manager let us in and even sold us a bag of popcorn. Mr. Dolby was gracious and easy to work with. He and I collaborated on a fun photo to illustrate the magazine story on him.
~Al Satterwhite

Ray Milton Dolby
January 18, 1933 – September 12, 2013

Los Angeles Times | Obituaries:
"Ray Dolby dies at 80; engineer's sound system eliminated underlying noise" By David Colker
The Dolby Sound System was first used commercially in recording studios nearly 50 years ago and then adopted by the film industry.

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