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Monday, December 1, 2008

Robert Glenn Ketchum Nature’s Tireless Advocate. A Conviction of the Heart

Robert Glenn Ketchum is a world-renowned photographer, conservationist and author. For 40 years his imagery and books have helped to define contemporary color photography. At the same time both he and his work have passionately and successfully addressed critical environmental issues. Dedication to the natural world, particularly within North America, has earned him numerous awards and critical acclaim including: American Photo magazine’s “100 most important people in photography,” Audubon’s 100 people who “shaped the environmental movement in the 20th Century” and the United Nation’s Outstanding Environmental Achievement Award. Ketchum has been in the company of kings and queens, princes and princesses, admirals and generals, and even a few presidents. Historians will remember Ketchum as a great artist but, more importantly, as a truly great human being who never wavered from a struggle or faltered in his convictions.